Bible Baptist Church is an independent, bible believing Baptist church that was founded on May 11, 1969 by Bro. Jim Mathis and a few families. The church began in a small stone building off of Young St. (Hwy 29), just down from the current building. The church began with 8 members and eventually outgrew that location and moved to a modular building located on Sheffield Ave. God continued to bless, and the church moved to their current location, at 700 E. Young St., in 2005.

Bible Baptist Church has had a total of 9 pastors with Bro Dale Strawn serving the longest at 26 years. Bro Strawn retired in July 2017 and Bro Brian Minter was called to pastor Bible Baptist Church in October 2017.  Bro Minter has continued to preach and teach the fundamentals of the faith.

Bible Baptist Church is not social club or religious entertainment center but is a church family that is focused on bringing glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a church that preaches and teaches the King James Bible, sings the old-fashioned hymns of the faith and promotes the old-time religion that this great country was founded on.